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Venice For Pleasure

J G Links


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pbk Pallas Athene 1873429401 £14.99 n/a
pbk Pallas Athene 9781873429969 £14.99 n/a
hbk Pallas Athene 9781873429204 £19.99 n/a


It was Jacopo de Barbari’s bird’s-eye view of the city, dating from 1500, which inspired Joe Links to devise a series of walks which enable the sightseer to investigate the treasures of this dazzling location at his own pace.

He conceived a format which suited the horizontal vista of this unique environment and in each succeeding edition, enticing illustrations have been added to an already extravagant measure as befits an author who is a great Canaletto scholar, lifelong visitor and sometime resident of “La Serenissima”.  The various routes crisscross the network of islands, taking in an astonishing range of her treasures, the celebrated and the little-known, including vantage points where vistas remain unchanged in 500 years.

As a guide Links is cosy and confident, as happy o debate the merits of a cappuccino as a Caravaggio.  I see no reason to quibble with Bernard Levin’s judgment that this is “not only the best guide book to [Venice] ever written, but the best guide book to ANY city ever written”. - review by Stewart Grimshaw



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