A selection of intriguing, stunning, or otherwise remarkable books which might be difficult to find elsewhere. They include fine editions, publications from abroad exceptional for their interest or production, special editions and some first-rate books from very small publishers. We stock a far greater range of such books than is visible here – please contact us for more information or visit the shop to look at our stock.

Peter Lanyon

Toby Treves

Hardback £150.00

Stave Churches: A Legacy of the Vikings

Bjørn L. G. Braathen

Paperback £36.00

The Building Site in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

Arthur Gibney, edited by Livia Hurley & Edward McParland

Hardback £30.00


Romilly Saumarez Smith, Verdi Yahooda, Nicola Barnacle & Daniel Edwards

Boxed £3,000.00

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