The Anatomy of Colour: The Story of Heritage Paints and Pigments

Patrick Baty

Baty is known to many denizens of Chelsea, and to the best specialist decorators, as the owner of Papers and Paints in Park Walk. Founded by his father in 1960, it continues to provide superb advice on paint and colour; it is THE place to buy your paint. But Baty is not only a purveyor of pigments for palaces, pavilions and pantries: he is also the top analyst and consultant. Projects he has worked on range from the Tower of London and Hampton Court to private houses all over the country. This book is not another handsome book on interior decorating but rather a serious, wide-ranging, technical study of colour, of colour theories, of the fashions for colours, mostly in Britain but also Europe and the US, explored with Baty’s unique expertise.

As his local bookseller, and being somewhat kindred in spirit, we have conspired with him to try to promote his superb book as much as we can. It comes out towards the end of June, and we are happy to offer it at £30, which includes a £5 discount on the published price.

Edition: Hardback 29/06/2017