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  • The Memoirs Of Two Young Wives

    Honoré de Balzac

    Epistolary novel that describes ten years in the lives of two young friends; a deliciously ambiguous take on ‘Sense and Sensibility‘. Find out more

    £10.99 Paperback
  • My German Brother

    Chico Buarque

    An autobiographical novel about CB’s older illegitimate half-brother, born in Germany in before WW2. A powerful exploration of the ... Find out more

    £12.99 Hardback
  • The Pyramid of Mud

    Andrea Camilleri

    It’s been raining in Sicily, bringing Montalbano mud, murder and mafiosi. Find out more

    £16.99 Hardback
  • River

    Esther Kinsky

    EK has translated John Clare and Thoreau into German: their wandering and watery legacy can be found in this sensitive tale of a woman adrift ... Find out more

    £12.99 Paperback
  • Seventeen

    Hideo Yokoyama

    HY’s previous novel, last year’s slow-burning thriller ‘Six Four‘ was a bestseller here. This successor investigates the ... Find out more

    £16.99 Hardback
  • All The World’s A Stage

    Boris Akunin

    The long-awaited return of Fandorin, star of Akunin’s admired historical mysteries, sees him sleuthing in a Moscow theatre in 1911, only to ... Find out more

    £20.00 Hardback
  • The Impostor

    Javier Cercas

    Enrico Marco represented an association of Spanish survivors of Nazi concentration camps for many years, wrote about his own experiences at ... Find out more

    £20.00 Hardback
  • Go, Went, Gone

    Jenny Erpenbeck

    A finely distilled novel by the contemporary German novelist about an aging professor who descends from his ivory tower to the Berlin streets ... Find out more

    £14.99 Hardback
  • After the Fire

    Henning Mankell

    Mankell’s last novel. An aging doctor, living alone on an island, loses all his possessions in the fire that consumes his house. It’s ... Find out more

    £17.99 Hardback
  • Sundays In August

    Patrick Modiano

    Modiano has exchanged his usual Parisian setting for Nice and the Riviera: the brightness of the sunshine, however, just makes for darker ... Find out more

    £12.99 Paperback